Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea博士生导师Jae-yong Kim教授将应邀来我校讲学
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 告 人:Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea博士生导师  Jae-yong Kim 教授

报告名称:Perspectives of Hydrogen Storage in Aperiodic Ti-based Quasicrystals and High Pressure Research Center in Korea

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    Jae-yong Kim is a professor in physics in Physics Department of Hanyang University at Seoul in Korea since 2005. He is now serving Chairperson of the Department of Convergence Nanoscience since 2013 and Director of HYU-HPSTAR-CIS High Pressure Research Center since 2016. He received his BSc in physics from Sogang University, Seoul, Korea in 1985 He then moved to USA for graduate study. He was awarded MSc degree in physics from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville in 1993 and Ph. D degree in physics from Washington University in St. Louis in 1999. He had worked in Chemistry Department of Brookhaven National Laboratory during 1999-2003. After that, he returned Korea to lead the wiggler beamline project at Pohang Accelerator Laboratory during 2003-2005. His researches focus on reactions and structures of gas molecules on metal oxides, dynamics and absorptions of hydrogen in complex materials, quasicrystals and their applications on hydrogen storage, characterization of metallic thin films, and studies of materials under high pressure. He has published over 100 papers in international journals.