Aarhus University 博士生导师 Torben R. Jensen 教授将应邀来我校讲学
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 告 人:Aarhus University 博士生导师  Torben R. Jensen 教授

报告名称:Novel ion conductors – Towards solid state batteries




        Torben received a Ph.D. degree in materials chemistry and did postdoctoral research at Risø National Laboratory and DESY, Hasylab, Hamburg. He was awarded a Steno research stipend (2002) by the Danish research council, a Carlsberg research stipend (2005) form the Carlsberg Foundation and a doctor of science degree (D.Sc.) from the faculty of science and technology at Aarhus University. He was awarded the Hydrogen Energy Award in Japan 2016. He is Professor at the Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center (iNANO) and Department of Chemistry, Aarhus University. His research interests are focused on synthesis, structural, physical and chemical properties of new inorganic materials and utilisation of synchrotron X-ray radiation for materials characterization. He has published >220 research papers and received >5400 citations (H = 42).